2019.09.05 – Freedom Isn’t Free

Do you think the Chinese government will run over there citizens again like they did last time?:

Image result for tiananmen square massacre
Right after the tiananmen ‘protests’

China has had enough time to build enough camps to house the million that are protesting now. It has gone on for months, and they just may arrest them all. Either that, or this may just end up like occupy wall-street, where it is just taken as one big joke, and the media helped dissolve it.

Nothing like classifying protesting as a terrorist act. Here is an info-graphic that I saw this morning about there demands:

Image result for reddit hong kong demands image
Really not a joke.

That last one is a big demand. China can fake the rest, but to setup a democracy? Well I guess every third world government fakes it. Why can’t China? Anyways, I figured I would try and help spread the word. We all need to be watching China right now.


  • This one is funny. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/09/senator-mark-zuckerberg-should-face-the-possibility-of-a-prison-term/ Sure, Zuckerberg is the real issue. Anything to remove the focus from the spying that the government does. Or the court cases that the FBI pushed to make it legal in the public eye.
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