El Paso, TX – FCC Tower – Lots O Wireless

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We went up the Wyler Aerial Tramway and before I got there I almost forgot one of the big reasons that I went up there for.  The end of the Tramway leads to two FCC towers with a massive amount of wireless equipment.  Some of it pointed at Mexico and some of it pointed at the US.

I have never been able to see this type of tower up close.  I think I lucked out too because looking at some of the other towers that are around they do not seem to have as much wireless equipment on them.  I bet you that this tower has more devices on it because it is so accessible by the Tramway, either that or in a better position in general.  I do not know.

The two towers that I got to see are both ran/owned (owned I really do not know) by Crown Castle which on their site says:  “We are the largest provider of shared wireless infrastructure in the US with approximately 40,000 cell towers comprising approximately 91,000 installations.  Further, we have a key presence in all the major markets in the US, with approximately 71% of our towers located in the top 100 markets.”

I always wondered who owns a lot of these things.  One of my interests is to build an ISP one day and wireless ISP’s can, if done right, have some low start-up costs.  I also know some people that really need better internet because the cable company refuses to run cable another mile down the road.  Also I know that when people give you access to their towers and signs so you can give them internet…you can give others internet because you have new line of sight.

Some of this equipment is so very interesting to me.  The communications room even had some open windows so I managed to grab some shots of that.  So very happy that I was able to see the great views and go on this mental and photographic adventure of these towers.

From what I know no regulations forbid US to MEX signals so from what I have heard this equipment serves Mexico too.  What to do with all these pictures…